Historical features of the spread of Christianity among Goths and Lombards

Шепетяк, Олег Михайлович (2018) Historical features of the spread of Christianity among Goths and Lombards Релігія та соціум (29-30). pp. 34-39. ISSN 2224-0306

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Christianization of Europe is closely linked to the history of the Germanic tribes, in particular Goths and Lombards. The Goths, who during the Great Migration of Peoples settled in Eastern Europe, were divided into two groups: the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths. They adopted Christianity in the Arian version. The greatest contribution to the Christianization of Goths was due to Woolfil, who translated the Bible into Gothic. Historical bustle made them move to the West. Finally, the Visigoths organized their own kingdom on the Iberian Peninsula. In 589 at the Third Toledo Cathedral, the Visigoths moved from Arianism to Orthodox Christianity. The Kingdom of the Visigoths lasted until the Arab conquest. Ostrogoths conquered the Apennine Peninsula, organizing their own kingdom. The transition of the Ostrogoths from Arianism to Catholicism was a complex process, which in the end caused internal anxiety and war with Byzantium. Byzantine Emperor Justinian succeeded in conquering Italy and joining it to his empire. However, the Lombards, who completely defeated the peninsula from Byzantium and organized their own kingdom, soon invaded Italy. The Lombards were also the Arians. The process of the transition of the Lombards from Arianism to Catholicism was accompanied by complex political retransmissions. The kingdom history of the Lombards ended with the conquest of the Franks.

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