Reproduction of woman experience in the ukrainian literature of the 1920th (on material of Natalia Zabila’s lyric poetry)

Жигун, Сніжана Віталіївна (2018) Reproduction of woman experience in the ukrainian literature of the 1920th (on material of Natalia Zabila’s lyric poetry) Синопсис: текст, контекст, медіа (1(21)). ISSN 2311-259X

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The article deals with the analysis of the art world of Natalia Zabila’s poetry in the context of social changes of the 1920th. The aim of the research is a reconstruction of interests and system of values in the time of women destruction by Bolsheviks in patriarchal society, abolition of discrimination of women, whose right for free self-determination was declared, and also protection of motherhood. These were social factors that affected the outlook of a person of the 1920th. The distorted understanding of these events formed an imperfect world outlook incarnated in literature of that time. In early texts of the Soviet authors a woman is considered as the enemy of socialism, and one, accepted new orders, is represented as pragmatic and masculine person. The value of family is saved in N. Zabila’s lyrics, and maternity that paints the art world with the gamut of feelings: from joy to grief of loss, becomes the main value. Being not married the character ignores patriarchal norms and can initiate either an intimacy with a man, or a break. But her materiality is described by images of the nature: a panther, a flower that shows desire to place materiality in a habitual to patriarchal society context. Only men’s wear is accented in appearance of the character as the character refuses to be merely the beauty that a woman had to be in a man’s world. Appearance in the art world of woman images of different professions: from the railroader to the engineer can be explained by search of other roles. N. Zabila’s civil lyric poetry is characterized by the mood of participation of the lyrical character in creation of the future. Motifs of class struggle in the works of poetess are inherent only in ballads, but the choice of genre displaces the represented to the sphere of invented. Thus, the lyric poetry by N. Zabila demonstrates the other marginalized and concealed experience of perception of the changes that had happened in society

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