Place and role of social- psychological resources in the education of children with special educational needs

Скрипник, Тетяна Вікторівна (2018) Place and role of social- psychological resources in the education of children with special educational needs Психологічний часопис: збірник наукових праць / за ред. С.Д. Максименка. (5(15)). pp. 142-156. ISSN 2414-0023

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The article describes the pedagogical re- search designed to ensure educators be able to support for students with special needs in the ed- ucational environment and the conditions under which these needs can be satisfied. We deter- mined the pedagogical the concept of “socio- psychological resources” as one of three groups of environmental resources and disclose the de- fining role of this group of resources in education for children with special needs. We also defined a structure that has three components: social needs, social roles and social relations. Studies show that there is a strong rela- tionship between classroom management and stu- dent achievement, and the most important factors, which affect student learning, are certain compe- tences of teachers. Classrooms for students with special needs should have definite classroom management strategies data collection system: SMART goals will need to be measured using effective data collection methods; written plan for classroom roles and responsibilities; weekly IEP meeting; sensory strategies. We have identified the relationship between structural components in № 5 (15) 2018 a group of socio-psychological resources with such teachers' competencies as cognitive- intellectual, evaluation-control, communicative, analytical, etc. As the result of the experiment, we were able to systematize the expected results due to the implementation of socio-psychological resources. Among them: providing an adaptive, develop- mental, personally oriented environment for all students; the ability to define and formulate spe- cific, measurable, time-bound goals for the stu- dent with special educational needs; to develop an appropriate educational route and to support students, to carry out assessment and monitoring of the educational process of the child. As an evaluation we have used the method “Tool for professional development of teachers” developed by the international community educators ISSA. The article described methods of the train- ers, experts and supervisors with teachers to achieve their competence to work with children with special needs, success factors and challenges faced by the trainers of teachers. It is established that in order to achieve successful classroom management, it is necessary to appropriately uti- lize classroom space, identify and implement classroom rules, utilize reinforcements in class- room management, hold students responsible dur- ing the process of instruction and assessment, create both a positive classroom environment, and partnerships between teachers and students.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: socio-psychological resources; competence of teachers; IEP team; educational environment; classroom management
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