The role of the Radzivil family in the formation of the historical, cultural and artistic panorama of Europe in the XVIII–XIX centuries

Школьна, Ольга Володимирівна (2018) The role of the Radzivil family in the formation of the historical, cultural and artistic panorama of Europe in the XVIII–XIX centuries Вісник Національної академії керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв: наук. журнал. (4). pp. 226-231. ISSN 2226-3209

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The purpose of the work is to systematize the information concerning the industrial productions founded by representatives of the Radzivil family in Europe. The research methodology is based on application of historical-cultural and art criticism approaches and historical-chronological method, which allows to realize specificity of occurrence and development during baroque-romanticism epoch in the ethnic territories of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland of some manufactories. Taken together these specified approaches and methods allow to open the importance of the outlined problematics from the point of view of practical cultural science and art criticism through a prism of historical and cultural and art aspects. Scientific novelty consists in definition of specificity of the organization of the old-world industrial produc-tions of faience, art glass, jewels, textiles and furniture by the representatives of Radzivil family. It is proved, that a num-ber of manufactures of the designated sort in Zhovkva, Glinsko, Byala Podlyaska, Swerzhen, Neborov, Uritshya, Nalibo-ki, Tshudnov, Olyka, Mir, Alba, Nesvizh, Korelytchi, Slutsk, Lakhwa, based by the Radzivils, laid the foundation of development of a network of the industrial enterprises of capitalist time in the territories of Eastern Europe. Conclusions. Nowadays it is possible in retrospection to look at the principles of foundation and specificity of infrastructure of the first industrially and financially successful enterprises in the ethnic territories of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Lithuania. The designated territories once were a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, economically developed European states. From the end of ХVІІ – beginning ХVІІІ century Radzivils here confirmed by the means of comprehension of separate segments of industrial production their ability to be leaders among domestic industrial centers.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Radzivils; the Eastern Europe; manufactures of faience, glass, semi-precious stones, textiles, furniture of ХVІІІ–ХІХ centuries
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