Вплив на достовірність інформації як загроза для інформаційного простору

Бржевська, Зореслава Михайлівна and Гайдур, Галина Іванівна and Аносов, Андрій Олександрович (2018) Вплив на достовірність інформації як загроза для інформаційного простору Кібербезпека: освіта, наука, техніка (2). pp. 105-112. ISSN 2663-4023

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The article considers and analyzes the determination of the reliability of information, objects and subjects of information, which will become the first step for the development of such a method that will affect the reliability of information resources. The term reliability of information should be understood as the proximity of information to the original source and adequate perception of the object of consideration by the subjects of the information space. As objects of information security act a person, society and the state. All types of information that meets the needs of the subject meet such properties as the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. As to the impact on information and its processing, the greatest interest is threats. The threat in its general form will be any potentially possible adverse effect on objects that (which) causes damage to the subject of information activity. Recently, the influence on the reliability of information has become much widespread, and therefore there has been a phenomenon like false information. For a simple example, this is news, social networking sites, fake rating sites, by which certain groups of people or individuals draw the attention of society to incorrect events in the wrong way. Such information, in particular, is unreliable, is spreading at a high rate, gradually being replenished with new details that are the reaction of individuals. The ways of appearance of inadequate information are considered. Also, recommendations are provided to identify false information. Given the fact that the reliability of the information depends on the publications itself, analysts should pay attention to the source, carefully study the facts underlying the information, carefully check the questionable information. An unreliable researcher should consider information coming to the information space from "confidential" sources, even if the material contains a link to the organization represented by the "source".

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Uncontrolled Keywords: information; certainty; threat; information space; Internet.
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