Language and stylistic features of the collected poems “Drobna zmiana” by Marcin Świetlicki

Половинкіна, Марія Ігорівна (2018) Language and stylistic features of the collected poems “Drobna zmiana” by Marcin Świetlicki Вісник Київського національного лінгвістичного університету, 21 (2). pp. 72-78. ISSN 2311-0821 (2415-7333)

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Introduction. Marcin Świetlicki is a modern Polish poet and prose writer, winner of many literary awards. The critics praised his collections “Pieśni profana” (1998), “Czynny do odwołania” (2001), “Delta Dietla” (2015), etc. One of his latest works – “Drobna zmiana”, issued in 2016 – has practically not been investigated. This book contains a lot of lexical material, which is very interesting for linguists. Purpose. The purpose of the paper is to analyze the M. Świetlicki’s collected poems “Drobna zmiana”, to determine the specific features of the author’s language, to pay attention to his syntax, vocabulary and stylistics. Methods. In this research descriptive method, methods of synthesis and induction, contextual analysis and quantitative analysis were used. Results. It was found that the collection of poems “Drobna zmiana” is characterized by short and simple sentences, unusual titles (in particular, according to their belonging to the parts of speech), laconicism and cyclicity, polysemanticity, a large number of interrogative sentences, a combination of everyday and exotic vocabulary, anglicicisms, the names of modern subjects, “tabooed” lexemes. The quantitative analysis which was conducted showed that titles-nouns (26,3%), titles-combinations of nouns with adjectives (25,3%) and with numerals (11%) were the most popular in the investigated collection of poems. The last place was occupied by poems’ names-pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs and a combination of several different parts of speech. Conclusion. The M. Świetlicki’s language is modern and close to the youth culture, although this author was born in the early sixties of the XX century. The special linguistic features and distinctive style of the book “Drobna zmiana” make it controversial, ambiguous, deep in content and relevant to both linguists and a wide range of readers.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Marcin Świetlicki; “Drobna zmiana”; denomination of poems; modern Polish; stylistics; vocabulary; syntax
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