Culture and Communication

Макарова, Емма Вікторівна (2019) Culture and Communication [Teaching Resource]

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Description of the discipline and its subject. Educational training program masters in advertising and public relations includes the study of discipline "Culture and communication", which aims at forming students system thinking with communication as a subject of culturological knowledge; the concept of culture in the communication space; a methodological study aspects of the analysis of communication processes in culture; issues of development communication technologies in the culture of Ukraine at the present stage. Software competence masters in advertising and public relations: - people management; - coordination with others; - emotional intelligence; - cognitive flexibility; - ability to manage communication services advertising and SV'required yazkiv public firms and organizations, planning and organization 5 advertising and pr-campaigns; - ability to carry out activities to improve the image of the organization to control, performance evaluation and adjustment of policies, plans, campaigns and individual activities in the field of advertising and SV'required yazkiv public - the ability to use the latest principles of the theory of communication for reasonable selection of technologies and strategies create and the promotion of advertising products; - ability to apply methods and techniques of psychology, sociology, management and marketing, to implement reasonable selection technologies and strategies for the creation and promotion of advertising products; - to acquaint the master students with the development of ideas about communication from antiquity to the present; - to acquire knowledge of normative-legal basis of information and communication activities; - find out the problems of formation of system of public relations in Ukraine; to analyse the national characteristics of the paradigm "power the public" (for example, cultural policy); - to explore the role and activities of international organizations including public in establishing cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign cultural centers; - to study foreign experience of European cultural policy humanitarian sphere and implementation of innovative technologies in promotional product; - to form practical skills for participation in implementation of cultural and humanitarian projects, in particular the promotion of advertising products; - to inform citizens about the main directions of government policy through Media and non-media sources. The subject of study of the course are concepts and theories cultural communication in the twentieth century, historical forms of communication in the Ukrainian culture.

Item Type: Teaching Resource
Uncontrolled Keywords: advertising product; інформаційно-комунікаційно діяльність; foreign cultural centers;
Subjects: Нормативні документи > Робочі програми навчальних дисциплін
Divisions: Факультет української філології, культури і мистецтва > Кафедра інформаційних комунікацій
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Date Deposited: 07 Nov 2019 10:59
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