Electronic states on silicon surface after deposition and annealing of SiOx film

Власенко , Н.А. and Олексенко, П.Ф. and Денисова, З.Л. and Сопинский, Н.В. and Велигура, Л.И. and Гуле, Е.Г. and Литвин, Оксана Степанівна and Мухльо, М.А. (2011) Electronic states on silicon surface after deposition and annealing of SiOx film Физика и техника полупроводников, 45 (5). pp. 596-601. ISSN 0015-3222

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For the purpose to clear up energy band diagram on c-Si–SiOx film interface and the change of electronic states there after annealing of the film, the spectrum of photoconduction, arising in polarization field of charges on surface states and film bulk traps, was measured. It was shown that there is band bending on the Si−SiOx interface with the electron enrichment of Si surface. For the equilibrium state, the photocurrent maximum at 1.1eV is due to band-to band transitions within the Si part of the interface. Sample annealing results in a shift of the maximum toward higher energies with the annealing temperature in the range of 650−1000 ◦C. The shift is followed by the significant diminution of the photocurrent at ≤ 1.1eV and weakining of edge photoluminescence near by the Si surface. The revealed changes are explained by the formation on the c-Si−SiOx film boundary an oxide layer with Si nanoclusters in consequence of diffusion of oxygen from the SiOx film, which occurs mainly through defects on the Si surface. In the photoconduction spectrum of the samples charged by a voltage with the polarity of ”minus“ on Si electrode, electronic transitions within the SiOx film were revealed, which stem from matrix electron states as well as from the states of defects and Si nanoclusters existing in the film. 

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Uncontrolled Keywords: silicon; silicon oxide; annealing; energy states; energy band; photoconductivity
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