System of economic security of communication enterprises

Сосновська, Ольга Олександрівна (2019) System of economic security of communication enterprises Одноосібна. ТОВ «Видавництво «Центр учбової літератури», Київ.

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In the conditions of the dynamics of economic space, the presence of global and domestic crisis strains and the uncertainty of the current business environment, the actual trend is the impact of unexpected impulses on the functioning of domestic communication companies, which cause the fluctuation of their main business processes and violations of the targets of development. In this regard, the necessary and logical response of the communications companies to the existence of these trends is the formation of a system of their economic security to ensure stable operation parameters. This causes relevance and causes scientific interest in the study of theoretical, methodological and practical principles for the formation of a quality system of economic security based on the search for new approaches to the risk management of communications companies, the existence of which is due to the peculiarities of the modern stage of economic development. Modern development of communication enterprises is accompanied by the influence of factors of the internal and external economic environment, the existence of which, on the one hand, provides new real opportunities for successful functioning, and on the other, contributes to the emergence of potential threats and risks of a destructive nature. This reflects the state of the various functional components of the economic security of business communications, among which the information, financial, personnel and innovation-investment subsystems are given priority given the specifics of the activity of these enterprises. As a result, there is a violation of the equilibrium state of the system of economic security of communication enterprises and their stable operation. Creation of a high-quality system of economic security of telecommunication enterprises as an integrated and structured entity, the peculiarities of which formation depend directly on the dynamics of the processes of activating various risks of the modern economic environment, will contribute to the achievement of the target guidelines for the functioning and formation of the strategic vector for the development of communications enterprises. The introduction of the conceptual model of risk management proposed in the monograph in the system of economic security of telecommunications enterprises is the key to their timely adaptation to the negative effects of economic dynamics by developing methodological tools for risk optimization and its implementation in practice. At the same time, the important task of forming a qualitative system of economic security of communications companies is to determine the strategic imperative of this process, among which the formation of the system of infocommunication support, the identification of determinants of the construction of financial architecture, the substantiation of the grounds for ensuring organizational and managerial sustainability and competitiveness at the present stage of functioning become the dominant significance. Monograph is an attempt to generalize the theoretical, methodological and methodological foundations of the formation of the system of economic security of business communication, which helps to ensure their stable functioning on key functional subsystems under uncertainty of the economic space. The compositional structure of scientific research is focused on solving such problems: the identification of the complementary nature of the relationship between the hierarchical levels of economic security and the definition of the essence of the enterprise’s economic security, the study of the genesis and evolution of the economic category of "risk", the identification of the specifics of risk management in the communications industry and informatization enterprises, systematization of methodological approaches as the basis of knowledge of the essence of economic security of an enterprise, determination of the impact of risks on the system of economic security of an enterprise in conditions of cyclical economic development, the definition of the dialectics of the relationship between the structural elements of the enterprise’s economic security system, the analysis of modern trends in the development of enterprises of communication in Ukraine, the diagnosis of the system of economic security of leading domestic communications enterprises, the assessment of the systemic efficiency of their economic security, development conceptual approaches to risk management in the system of economic security of communications companies and the strategic imperative to enhance it.

Item Type: Monograph (Одноосібна)
Uncontrolled Keywords: stable functioning; communication enterprises; management of the economic safety of communication enterprises; stages of risk management of communication enterprises; quantitative methods of quantisation of the risks of communication enterprises; the system of infocommunication support of communication enterprises; organisational flexibility of communication enterprises; innovation and investment security of communications companies; financial architecture of communications companies.
Subjects: Монографії > Видані в Україні
Divisions: Факультети > Факультет інформаційних технологій та управління > Кафедра фінансів та економіки
Depositing User: Sosnovska Ольга Александровна Сосновская
Date Deposited: 25 Nov 2019 12:09
Last Modified: 25 Nov 2019 12:09

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