Carnivalization of everyday life in Iryna Zhylenko’s poem

Віннікова, Наталія Миколаївна and Сарапин, Віта Василівна and Летик, О.С. (2019) Carnivalization of everyday life in Iryna Zhylenko’s poem Закарпатські філологічні студії (11). pp. 84-90. ISSN 2524-0390

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The article reveals the peculiar features of the carnival poetics in Iryna Zhylenko’s poems “Town in a Snuffbox”, “Market of Wonders. Spring Walk”, “Moon on Golden Thread (City Fairytale)”, “What a Story! (Andersiana)”. It has been emphasized that the poems analyzed are based on the techniques of carnivalisation of everyday life, the aesthetization of life, presentation of the city and its inhabitants in an unusual, wondrous aspect. It has been researched that the writer’s “carnival” poems are characterized by the coexistence of pathetics with irony, grotesque, tendency to stylization, play with the text and a reader, mystification, collage, curiosity for magical and extraordinary, aestheticization of household and everyday life. It has been found out that in these works the author is interested in human individuality, private, but not social life, and so that she celebrates meeting with a Person as a unique miracle, and the social connections and relationships in these works stand out as a background for realization of personality, sometimes imperfect, but capable of spiritual rebirth.It has been observed that the heart of the carnival in the poems is an energetic, life-affirming, full of movement, sounds, colours city. It has been stated that the world fantasized by the lyrical Iryna Zhylenko’s heroine is a paradoxical-real space of a fairy tale, a theatre, a carnival, in which one can play a chosen role, change masks, decorate unattractive manifestations of personal or social life. It has been determined that the mood keynote of each writer’s poems analyzed is the sincerity in the reproduction of personal impressions and experiences, that all these works are full of optimism and welcoming energy. It has been revealed that in Iryna Zhylenko’s poems the concepts of home, forest, garden, windows, happiness, light, holidays are unfolded, but at the same time they coexist organically with images of culture: characters of ancient myths (faun, Pan), folk (Kotygoroshko, Dragon) and literary (Cinderella, Andersen’s characters) works. It has been found out that in the poem “Town in a Snuffbox” the main plot and image making trope was irony; The Market of Wonders in Irina Zhylenko’s title poem is an allegory of life itself as a wonder in the variety of its manifestations: the beauty of nature, the perfection of a person, creativity, art, capable to ennoble any heart; sincere confession, lyricism and nostalgia are combined with burlesque in the work “Moon on Golden Thread”, and the poem “Andersiana” is a journey into the world of ideal and beauty.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: poem; carnival; carnivalization; play; irony; grotesque.
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