The Authors of Ukrainian Travel Writings of 1920– 30th as Secret Agents and Spies

Васьків, Микола Степанович (2019) The Authors of Ukrainian Travel Writings of 1920– 30th as Secret Agents and Spies Слово і час (5). pp. 74-81. ISSN 0236-1477

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The article deals with the engagement of Ukrainian authors of the travel writing about foreign life to the intelligence and spy activities in different forms, more often as completion of special tasks alongside with the recreation of the things they observed. Various textual “footprints” in their travel writings prove this fact. In two interwar decades Ukrainian travel writings had a period of rise and rapid development, generous financing by publishing houses, editorial boards of the magazines, different state and labour union establishments. Numerous books by amateur and experienced professional writers were published in large circulations, predominantly about their travels around Ukrainian and other Soviet lands. Very often the travelers were professional military men, secret agents or followed out their instructions and wrote bluntly about this in the texts of their books. Much less, but still a lot of travel writings were written about seen, heard and read abroad. Leaving abroad in USSR required essential currency expenses and special permissions, that’s why to European countries and Asia went selected writerly cadres. This fact makes us a priory suspect them in a cooperation with different intelligence and punishment agencies. The text analysis of the books written by S. Holovanivsky, O. Dosvitniy, K. Kotko, L. Nedolya, V. Polishchuk and others proves that these suspicions had strong evidence. It is proved by numerous reservations, shortcomings, reports of strange travel routes, repeated meetings abroad with Soviet consular and embassy employees, political emigrants and illegal immigrants, and left-wing artists. It is obvious, that the travel writers were the transmitters in an oral form of secret information abroad and backwards, which could not be found by any customs officers or counterintelligence agents. Such a secret mission seems to have influence on the texts of travel writings, intensifying their anti-Western, “anti-capitalist” orientation and class biases.

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