Chronotope-multiverse of the soviet ukrainian whimsical novel as a genre-creating factor

Zhuravska, Oksana (2018) Chronotope-multiverse of the soviet ukrainian whimsical novel as a genre-creating factor Синопсис: текст, контекст, медіа (2 (22)). pp. 27-33. ISSN 2311-259X

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As the title implies the article describes a genre-creating function of the chronotope-universe in the example of the Soviet Ukrainian whimsical novel. The chronotope-universe is considered to be a kind of model of the multi-world, the creation and cognition of "realities" (peripheral chronotopes) which is carried out with the help of an artistic and empirical instrument of metaphysics – the fantastic one. The Soviet Ukrainian whimsical novel is characterized by the interaction of metaphysical, topographical and psychological peripheral chronotopes. It is noted that the semantic reconstruction of peripheral chronotopes of the depicted world as "real" or "surreal" depends on the positioning of the reception point in the "real" and "fictitious", "natural" and "supernatural" coordinates, and on the contexts of other discourses (folklore, primitive painting etc.). What is important for the actualization of the genre-creating function of the chronotopeuniverse is the author's concept of personality, which is conditioned by the existential motives of transgression and transcendence in the process of comprehension of the experience of war and post-war life, and the intertextuality as the main strategy of artistic typification. This perspective of a study allows us to conclude that the chronological universe is essential for the genre definition of a whimsical novel, which demonstrates the unreality and miracle as possible and real, but also the chronotopes of the main characters that represent the processes of transcendence in acts of transgression.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: chronotope; whimsical novel; genre; unreal chronotope; dichotomy
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