South-Eastern and Central Europe in V-IV Mil. BC

Відейко, М.Ю. (2015) South-Eastern and Central Europe in V-IV Mil. BC Одноосібна. ФОП Жовтий О.О., Київ-Умань.

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The ancient Sumerians used to answer the question "When was the World created ?” in the following way – “When people began to eat bread and melt metall in the houses of our country...". Of course, they meant their own Country. But what was happening in Europe when "everything was just beginning in Sumer?" Is it really true that here people were living in caves and kurens, as they did in the Stone Age? Archaeologists have discovered in Europe many bright civilizations dating back to the period between 6000–3000 BC. for the last hundred years. Among them you can find the following: Vinca, Gumelnica, Cucuteni – Trypillia, Baden. Scientists have explored many old settlements, some of them have got fortifications. Scientists have found some traces of very old metallurgy, which flourished between 5000–4500 BC on the Balkans, graves with golden treasures, and clay tables with inscriptions.

Item Type: Monograph (Одноосібна)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Південно-Східна; Центральна Європа; V-IV тис. до н.е.; неоліт; енеоліт; соціальні трансформації
Subjects: Монографії > Видані в Україні
Divisions: Факультет суспільно-гуманітарних наук > Кафедра археології та давньої історії
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