The channel kilns in Trypillia Culture and development of pottery

Видейко, М.Ю. (2019) The channel kilns in Trypillia Culture and development of pottery Tyragetia 9 , s.n.,, XIII (1). pp. 9-26. ISSN 1857-0240; 2537-6330

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Pottery kilns of a two-level structure with two channels on the settlements of the cultural complex Cucuteni-Trypillia were discovered in the 20th century. From the very beginning, their existence was considered an important indicator of the high level of development of pottery producing. However, for a long time such heating structures were not known in the settlements of Trypillia culture located east of the Dniester. Only the presence of finds of a large number of high-quality painted ceramics here indicated the probability of the existence of pottery furnaces of a similar design. Only in 2013 pottery kilns were investigated at megasites located here. However, their construction was differen tо from the previously known ones: they had more than two channels. It turned out that the provision of the most thermally sophisticated thermal engineering devices, the closest analogues to them – the so-called Minoyan channel kilns from Bronze Age (near 1700-1200 BC). New research allows us to determine both the time and the territory of the distribution of multichannel kilns in Trypillia Culture between 4100-3400 BC which covered a large area. Thus, an opportunity is given to re-evaluate the level of craft development in the Trypillia Culture between 4100-3400 BC.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cucuteni-Trypillia; channel kilns; pottery
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