Голота, Наталія Миколаївна (2019) FEATURES OF STUDENT YOUTH’S ACHIEVING IN CATEGORIES OF SPACE AND TIME AS VALUES OF BEING Колективна (три і більше авторів). New stages of development of modern science in Ukraine and EU countries: monograf. Publishing House “Baltija Publishing”, Riga, Latvia.

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The life of both individuals and society cannot be separated in general from the space-time component, which is the ontological basis for the existence of any object. Modern Ukrainian society is characterized as a period of transformation processes, which is conditioned by the search for its own path of development and change of values. Dynamics of daily life, changing behaviors and social interactions, providing intensive access to new knowledge, information saturation lead to a change in the person’s perception of space and time. The most active social group of society is the youth, which is characterized by the desire for change and its energy, mobil- ity contributes to its development and transformation. Thus, the study of the outlook of a young person, his or her life orientations and the factors that influence his / her formation is an urgent problem. However, a separate cat- egory is young people who have chosen the profession of teacher, because they will embed their own formed values in the growing generations, and thus pave the future of society. The modern educator is called not only to impart certain knowledge to children, to form skills in various activities, but also to introduce the child into the socio-cultural space, to attract to the val- ues of culture, to help to know the environment, to understand the realities of being. It is known that it is in the period of preschool childhood that chil- dren begin to develop a picture of the world, and outlook. The values guided by the future teacher in the process of vocational training, related to his / her outlook, his / her personal priorities and reflect the recognition of mastering deep ideas about time and space as values of vital necessity and importance of timely formation of them in preschool children. The purpose of the arti- cle. The main purpose of the article is to highlight the peculiarities of the perception of contemporary categories of space and time by the student youth as values of being. Considering the exceptional importance of space and time for human life, the article analyzes data on the peculiarities of stu- dents’ perception of different aspects of the categories «space» and «time»: how everyday reality affects students and how students influence it, how young people generally interpret space and while the values of one’s being and their ability to embed those values in shaping a growing personality. It has been found that youth increasingly place space and time as meaning- ful to them, to those who are directly valuable to life and activity. The study concluded that an analysis of students’ categories of space and time shows that young people perceive them as values of their being, oriented towards the future, as a space of personal and professional development, at the same time value life «here and now», their time and the time of others people, trying to adapt to the conditions of a rapidly changing society, respect the values of the past. However, the peculiarities of the perception of space and time as values of being a student depend on other life orientations: the pur- suit of personal happiness, the desire to build a comfortable life, to pursue a profession and so on.

Item Type: Monograph (Колективна (три і більше авторів))
Additional Information: DOI: https://doi.org/10.30525/978-9934-588-15-0-6
Uncontrolled Keywords: Особливості сприйняття; студентська молодь; категорія простору і часу; цінності буття
Subjects: Монографії > Видані за кордоном (окрім країн СНД)
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