The essence of the concept «language» in Edward Sapir`s research

Солдатова, Леся Петрівна (2019) The essence of the concept «language» in Edward Sapir`s research Науковий вісник Міжнародного гуманітарного університету. Серія «Філологія» м. Одеса, 2 (40). pp. 125-129. ISSN

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The scientific research deals with the question of linguistic terminology. The main aspects and personal understanding of the concept "language" essence in the studies of Edward Sapir (American linguist and ethnologist) in theoretical and practical aspects were analysed and summarizes in the article. The scientific prognostication of optimal ways of the concept developing in time and trends for the future is necessary. The structural positions of the explanatory formula of notion content (EFCC) with compliance of the normalized requirements to define main elements of the characteristic structure of the concept ‘language’ are taken as a basis. The connections and relationships inside the concept as a system and structure with their common element inside were shown in a generalized form according to the results of the study. The analysis and systematization of connections and relationships inside the concept were done according to the structure of the EFNC. The detailed description of the concept for identifying its objective reality, the phenomenon of its essence, identifying the functional essence of the concept, basics and principles of objective reality existence, identifying of laws and patterns in the concept has been done. Achieved results of the study guarantee the existence of the concept, the phenomena of its essence, the identification of the functional essence, the basics and principles of existence, the laws and regularities in the concept have been determined. They ensure the existence and development of connections with other fields of science for their existence and development. The laws of language normalization and the improvement of information coding are necessary for unity and sustainability. Contradictions inside the concept characterize the process of its development. According to the results of the research the connections and relations inside the concept were summarized in a generalized form with a common element inside. The definition of the concept "language" has been synthesized. The concept “Language” is not an instinct but it is the mankind`s heritage to separation itself from the surrounding world; the result of creation, formation of information for reflection of psychophysiological and mental processes for satisfaction of the human and society needs and between societies; the mediator for the transformation of the state of reality into another state; the phenomenon of human culture and the socium code of images of information with national, cultural, social, spiritual, harmonious features; the activity for guaranteeing of reality cognition and formation of abstract, quasireal, surreal, allegorical, categorical information; the means, the tool and the instrument of discourse and the product of thinking that forms symbolic and dynamic systems; imperfect means of authentic coding and transmission of information that requires research and normalization ("correct", absolute, sole language). Functional essences of the concept “Language”: "modelling", "meaning-making", "communication" for guaranteeing of stability and existence of objective reality and guaranteeing of human mental activity. Functional essences of the concept “Language” need to be closely connected with other sciences and require constant development.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: language; concept; explanatory formula of notion content (EFCC).
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