Political Advertising & PR: Political Advertising & PR

Стадніченко, Ольга Іванівна (2020) Political Advertising & PR: Political Advertising & PR [Teaching Resource]

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The course "Advertising and PR in Political Sphere" aims to form a theoretical and applied base of the specialist in public relations, so its purpose is to familiarize with the structure of the modern PR-process and its place on the general background of political communications. The main objective of the course is to summarize and systematize the previously acquired knowledge of advertising and PR in applying them in the political process. The tasks of the discipline include the following processes: • develop integrated competence: mastering knowledge of the history of political PR and advertising development in different countries and understanding of the features of each development period; ability to understand and put into practice the features of political PR and political advertising. • develop common competencies • ZK-3 Civic. Ability to exercise the rights and obligations of the citizen of Ukraine. Ability to make informed social choices and apply democratic decision-making technologies. Respect for the Motherland, the people, the state, its symbolism, traditions, language. Ability to act with social responsibility and public awareness. • ZK-5 Self-education. Ability to develop and maintain a quality level of professional activity. Ability for independent cognitive activity, self-organization and self-development. Orientation to unlocking personal potential and self-realization. Striving for personal and professional leadership and success • ZK-6 Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Competence. Awareness of one's emotional state, self-control and self-regulation; self-esteem and confidence; ability to overcome difficulties, resistance to stress; general optimistic mood, initiative, positive attitude. • ZK-7 Interpersonal interaction. Willingness and ability to execute projects as part of a team, to take responsibility for the performance of collaborative work.

Item Type: Teaching Resource
Uncontrolled Keywords: pr-consulting; tactical plans; practical plans; pr-communication; plans; advertising
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Date Deposited: 17 Feb 2020 11:11
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