Political systems of the world and modern globalization processes

Гондюл, Олександра Дмитрівна (2020) Political systems of the world and modern globalization processes [Teaching Resource]

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The discipline "Political Systems of the World and Modern Globalization Processes" aims to form an understanding of the theoretical foundations and historical aspects of international relations, diplomacy and the formation of international systems, an understanding of modern globalization processes and factors affecting international systems, as well as the development of relevant practical skills. The subject of study of the discipline is theoretical foundations and practical aspects of the analysis of international systems and foreign policy of states, their characteristics, components, types, role of globalization and other political phenomena in the transformation of the international system. The purpose of the course "Political systems of the world and modern globalization processes" is to form students' knowledge system on the current state of foreign policy strategies, to analyze the tendencies of international systems as a space for realization of national interests, to understand the influence of internal and external factors on international relations and foreign policy. The main tasks of studying the discipline "Political systems of the world and modern globalization processes":  students mastering the features of the concepts of "international relations", "world politics", "foreign policy", "international system", "political system", Мі understanding of globalization factors affecting the agenda in the international arena,  study the peculiarities of political negotiations,  study of the features of foreign policy potential, resources, participants, foreign policy strategies of the countries of the world,  defining the role of foreign policy in the creation of the state brand,  analysis of the interrelation of political systems and the role of power in a specific period, Лення Identification of peculiarities of influence of phenomena, events, and processes in the international space on the foreign policy of the state and formation of its priorities. The discipline is considered in the unique context of Ukraine's national priorities and national security.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: political system; international relations; world politics; Foreign Policy; international system; political system
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