New investigations at the Trypillia BI-II site of Kolomyitsiv Yar

Видейко, М.Ю. and Видейко, Мария and Слесарев, Евгений and Улрау, Рене (2017) New investigations at the Trypillia BI-II site of Kolomyitsiv Yar Tyragetia, s.n., XI (1). pp. 55-66. ISSN 1857-0240

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: There are near 20 Trypillia Culture BI-II sites at the Kyiv Region. This period is relatively little studied here, compared with other phases, such as BII, CI or CII. The site of Kolomyitsiv Yar near the village of Kopachov (Kyiv Region, Obukhiv District) is not far from Trypillia. The archaeological expedition organized by the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (Ukraine) in cooperation with the Human Development in Landscapes Graduate School of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität (Kiel, Germany) started investigations at this site in 2016. For the fi rst time for this kind of sites the magnetic prospection was done, which discovered on 3 ha area anomalies of 19 houses and 5 pits. Houses were located in three rows along the stream on slopes of the valley. At the area close to a fi eld remains of two pits were explored. They probably related to houses destroyed some time before. Among the fi nds from this pits numerous fragments of pottery, bones, stones, and a small amount of burnt daub were found. The pottery (“kitchen ware” or Cucuteni C type, painted, with incised decoration and without decoration) is typical for BI-II phase in this region. It is possible to date this site up to the last quarter of the 5th mill. BC. These materials make it possible to expand our knowledge of settlements of this time in the Middle Dnieper, the time and the ways of Trypillia population appearance here, and their relations with other cultures.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Trypillia Culture BI-II phase; Middle Dnieper region; geomagnetic prospection
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