Archaeological investigations near Trypillia in 2018

Videiko, Mykhailo and Burdo, Nataliia and Sliesariev, Yevgenii and Videiko, Mariia (2018) Archaeological investigations near Trypillia in 2018 Trypillian Civilization Journal, 2018 (1). ISSN 2155-871x

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Summer 2018 archaeological expedition from Kyiv Borys Hrinchenko University explored remains of trypillia Culture site near the village of Trypillia. The main aim of investigations was to identify the eponimous site, dicscovered by Vikentij Khvoika in Autumn of 1897. Investigations based on dravings from XIX century dairy, which amrked places of excavations. Field season 2018 searches were successful. We managed to discover the territory of the spread of archaeological finds. In addition, an ancient pit found with mumerous fragments of Trypillia Culture BI-II stage pottery. Thus the location of the eponymous theу had been successfully established.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Trypillia; Trypillia Culture; eponimous site; pottery
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