Cultural and historical aspects of understanding soviet activities in the story of Yury Trifon's "Another Life"

Братусь, Іван Вікторович and Михалевич, Віктор Вадимович and Гунька, Анна Миколаївна (2020) Cultural and historical aspects of understanding soviet activities in the story of Yury Trifon's "Another Life" Молодий вчений (80). pp. 638-641. ISSN 2304–5809

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The article deals with the work of Yuri Trifonov's "Another Life" in the context of the historical and cultural discourse of the twentieth century. The situation in the Soviet society of the "stagnation" era is being investigated. Particular attention is paid to the fate of the artist, the specificity of "finding oneself" in an authoritarian state. Some studies of Yuri Trifonov's story "Another Life" are reviewed. In the article part of the material is presented from the standpoint of using Yuri Trifonov's autobiographical facts in his work. His personal tragedy in the family and its influence on the "mirror" reflection in the story "Another Life" and other works are considered. Where did this "ruling class" of the late USSR come from? He believed that in many respects these skills were acquired intuitively and often outwardly disguised as weird and incomprehensible manifestations, which were perceived by others at first as a kind of "stupidity". The writer is keenly responsive to the painful and for him the problem of compromising the artist with the "system". He saw the shameful phenomenon of "corruptness" and "rebirth" from everywhere – creative people, through certain circumstances, became thoughtless mouthpieces of propaganda, carefully concealing all manifestations of the "living" soul. Yuri Trifonov made it clear that it was often easier for Soviet people to shift responsibility for making judgments of judgment to a conditionally competent authority. The Tale of Another Life is not only a highly artistic work today, but also a source of valuable information about "Soviet reality." Written and published in the USSR, it reproduces the complex "constructor" of human "stagnation". Particular attention is paid to the Soviet intelligentsia, which has largely lost its spiritual orientation and is in search of the "new". These qualities allow Yuri Trifonov's creativity to be relevant today in his attempts at self-identification of personality. It was he who clearly combined the moral and historical component of human life, and set certain accents.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Yuri Trifonov; Soviet literature; "stagnation"; socialist realism; personality disorder
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