Perceptive-mental strategy as a personality attribute

Шепельова Марія Володимирівна; Подшивайлова Лідія Іванівна (2017) Perceptive-mental strategy as a personality attribute 2072-4772.

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of the notion «perception» and its properties (selectivity, structuredness, intelligence, objectivation, nonlinearity, adequacy, syncretisity, constancy, integrity). Basing on the analysis of the dictionaries and literature on the psychology of creativity, we define the main functions of the strategy: it defines the subject’s readiness for creative activity, streamlines the processing information, allows to estimate the timeliness of actions, vectors the creative activity’s realization, distinguishes certain information from the general informational flow, vectors the interpretation of information, defines the orientation for future, ranges the purposes’ hierarchy, defines the vector of searching, the direction of tasks solving. We consider the perceptive-mental strategy as a property, directing the personality on the achievement of harmony with the surrounding in the process of their interaction. It integrally defines the ability of personality for creative activity, orients her for the successfulness of the decision making and realization in the process of tasks’ performance, vectors the interpretation, understanding of information, in the sequel it is realized in the constructive activity, orients a personality for future. The perceptive-mental strategy favours the constructive solving of contradictions between the available knowledge and experience and new demands of the actual situation, which makes its creative character. The perceptive-mental strategy as a property of personality defines its individual-psychological peculiarities.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: perception; apperception; properties of perception; strategy; the functions of strategy; perceptive-mental strategy; creation; the property of personality; individual-psychological peculiarities of personality;
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