Поняття легітимації: основні парадигми розуміння

Тур, Микола Григорович (2009) Поняття легітимації: основні парадигми розуміння Філософська думка (5). pp. 9-21.

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In the article on the basis of formulation of deep understanding of social institute in the context of phenomenological traditions of knowledge the social demand in legitimating of institutional world and through methodological prism of concept of rationality are opened, which is taken in wide sensible spectrum of knowledge (as mentality, reflexity) the main concepts of legitimating understanding and dominant factors of its realization are underlined (in diachrony the changes of philosophical paradigms – from ontological through mental to linguistically). The typology of models of legitimating in philosophical-historical diachrony is presented as gradual transformation as factors legitimating in the direction from before reflexive condition (ontological-sac rental type, which is based on the dogmatic complexes of knowledge) to reflexive (formal-rational type), which experiences further transformation in coordinate approaches of post modernistic philosophical tradition, which cultivates narrative potential of lingual games. It is also stressed that historical types of societies are characteristic to the dominant (as ideal) type and mechanism of legitimating: to the archaic society – mythological legitimating; to the society of high cultures, remarkable indication of which the availability of institute of government are examined – religious legitimating; to the modern and post modern society – formal-rational legitimating.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: legitimation; legitimacy; social institutions; social contract; rationality; communitarism; democracy
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