Development of artistic mentality of novice singers in the classes of music and theoretical disciplines

Мережко, Юлія Валеріївна and Ходоровська, Ірина Миколаївна (2020) Development of artistic mentality of novice singers in the classes of music and theoretical disciplines Педагогічна освіта: теорія і практика. Збірник. наук. праць (28). pp. 302-310. ISSN 2309-9763

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The article explores the development of artistic mentality of the novice singers in the classes of music and theoretical disciplines. The authors propose in-depth study of the state of the research problem in the scientific literature, referring to the studies of V. Usachov, O. Polotaiko, V. Petrushyn, L. Masol. The paper defines such concepts as: “artistic mentality, which is the process of formation of artistic idea, aimed at creating a certain artistic image”; “the artistic mentality of the novice singer, which is the process of demonstration of creative activity as part of performance not only in the solo singing classes, but also in the classes of the music and theoretical disciplines”. The author highlights the specifics of the development of artistic mentality of the novice singers in the classes of music and theoretical disciplines at institutions of higher art education, as well as provides material on the importance of vocal performance both in solo singing classes and music and theoretical classes (theory of music, solfeggio, harmony). The article briefly covers the pedagogical conditions for the development of artistic mentality of the novice singers, such as: a) regular classes in the theory of music and solfeggio; b) support of students' unfailing interest in classes; c) effectiveness of the classes. The paper contains the stages of development of artistic mentality of the beginner students, such as: the first stage is introductory; the second stage is conscious; the third stage is creative. The authors outline the development technique of the specified phenomenon in the classes of music theory and solfeggio, and give grounds for some effective methods. According to scientists, in solfeggio and theory of music classes it is advisable to use general didactic and vocal-specific teaching techniques in a certain system, on the basis of which the achievement of the goal and realization of the set tasks will occur, namely: 1. Methods of organization and implementation of artistic and cognitive activity, including verbal (story, conversation, intellectual discourse), visual (demonstration, illustration), practical (training of fragmentary performance and variable management of vocal material), inductive and deductive (generalization, comparison, collation), search and research (problem statement, independent study). 2. Methods of stimulation of interest and positive motivation of learning, including the method of emotional influence, real-life and figurative associations, creating a situation of success, music and didactic game. 3. Methods of control and self-control on the performance experience, such as interrogation, replay, anticipation of possible mistakes, auditory self-control. 4. Methods of getting creative and performance independence, including the method of performance variability, artistic and performance analysis, simulation of the situation in the process of reproduction of vocal exercises (song fragments). The general conclusion of the article is the following scientists’opinion that in the process of personal becoming of the future singer, the development of their artistic mentality is of key importance. Being an important component of creative abilities, it determines the success of artistic cognition, significantly affects the quality of musical and creative activity.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: artistic mentality; artistic mentality of novice singers; music and theoretical disciplines; methods; vocal
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Date Deposited: 13 Aug 2020 07:41
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