Technology for information and cyber security in higher education institutions of Ukraine

Nashynets-Naumova, Anfisa and Buriachok, Volodymyr and Korshun, Natalia and Zhyltsov, Oleksii and Skladannyi, Pavlo and Kuzmenko, Lidia (2020) Technology for information and cyber security in higher education institutions of Ukraine Інформаційні технології і засоби навчання, 77 (3). pp. 337-354. ISSN 2076-8184

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With the increasing availability of the Internet and the rapid development of communication tools, the need for the availability of information and telecommunication resources, regardless of where they are received, is constantly growing. One of the cells of such resources is the institution of higher education (IHE). Modern IHE and their corporate networks are a multi-level hierarchical environment in which the interests and data of various user groups collide: students, research workers, administration, etc. As the perimeter of the classic corporate information network of IHE continues to evolve, it is the use of smartphones, tablets and other end devices with web applications or specialized workstations that contributes to the inevitable change in the educational process. This, in turn, provides users with the opportunity to access the training services of IHE while in the educational institution, and beyond. At the same time, when introducing the concept of access to information, a whole series of tasks arises that need to be solved in the process of ensuring information and cyber security of IHE, namely, to ensure: prevention of unauthorized access to IHE premises and its local networks; compliance with the requirements and recommendations of existing information and cybersecurity policies; Monitoring devices connected to the corporate network for compliance with applicable policies; logical division of the corporate network into security zones without changing the existing infrastructure, etc. In addition to protecting information of limited access, it is also necessary to ensure the security of information systems of IHE, in particular, for example, of such a system as “Electronic University”. Accidental or deliberate disabling of these systems can stop the learning process and violate the contractual conditions between the educational institution and the student (in the case of payment for educational services), cause material, moral and other damage to the staff of the educational institution and IHE as a whole due to design and technological and / or information activities. That is why the issues of ensuring information and cybersecurity of IHE are now extremely relevant.

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