The Kharkiv theater in the memoirs of Yuri Sheveliov. Commentary and conclusions. About modern theater and about nonmodern theater

Шовкопляс, Галина Євгенівна (2020) The Kharkiv theater in the memoirs of Yuri Sheveliov. Commentary and conclusions. About modern theater and about nonmodern theater Вчені записки Таврійського національного університету ім. В.І. Вернадського, 31(70) (2). pp. 240-247. ISSN 2663-6069

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The article is dedicated to the analysis of the views, positions and principles related to the classification of types of theater, which are put forth in the memoirs of the world-famous Slavic culture and language researcher, historian of Ukrainian literature, a literary and theatrical critic, organizer of civic and cultural life of Ukrainian immigrants, Yuriy Sheveliov. The book of memoir of Yuriy Sheveliov “I, me, for myself (and around)” contains a subject-based narrative, these are memoirs in their purest form, but among the memories of the author about himself and his era, a researcher is able to find numerous interesting and important facts, observations, generalizations and conclusions regarding theater. And although Sheveliov write about only two Kharkiv theaters, which he went to as a teenager and young man, an astute reader can understand that the narrative is about the development of Ukrainian theaters and two of its types that appeared in the first decades of the 20th century. The Nikolay Sinelnikov Kharkiv theater is taken as the model for a provincial theater and Sheveliov not only recounts his memories regarding visiting it near his home and the famous “Salamander” insurance company, but also provides a definition of a provincial theater. This includes what he sees as derivativity and routine depictions presented there (“bytovizm” from “byt” – “everyday routine” in Russian). The provincial theater in Sheveliov’s memoirs is counterposed by the “modern theater”, taking the Les Kurbas’s “Berezil” theater as the primary model. Les Kurbas himself is presented as the very image of a modern, progressive theater director. Sheveliov goes so far as to call him a genius, depicting him as a tragic and lonely figure, misunderstood by many viewers and hated by the authorities. The goal of this article is to gather and analyze all the facts, observations, definitions, generalizations and conclusions in Sheveliov’s memoirs that relate to theater in order to paint a clear picture of the views and principles of the author regarding his contemporary theater as a phenomenon. The article also seeks to define the classification system of Ukrainian theater during the first two decades of the 20th century.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: provincial theater; routine theater (“bytovoy” theater); “bytovizm”; modern theater; the Kharkiv period of Les Kurbas’s creative work; propaganda theater; a new interpretation of classical repertoire.
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Date Deposited: 17 Sep 2020 17:17
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