Information confrontation of nazi Germany and the USSR in the occupied territories of Ukraine (1941–1944): Monograph

Салата, Оксана Олексіївна (2020) Information confrontation of nazi Germany and the USSR in the occupied territories of Ukraine (1941–1944): Monograph Одноосібна. “Liha-Pres”, “Liha-Pres” 9 Kastelivka str., Lviv, 79012, Ukraine 44 Lubicka str., Toruń, 87-100, Poland.

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The importance for the modern society is to understand the influence of Nazi propaganda and information policy on the consciousness and moral and psychological state of the occupied territories of Ukraine and implications of this policy.The information activities of Nazi Germany has been studied by foreign and domestic scholars, including historians. Their writings analyze the process of formation of the National Socialist Party in Germany, its activities in the field of education and public relations, highlight the methods, tools and techniques of information warfare, which were used by Britain, the USA, Germany and the Soviet Union in World War I and II. The structure of Nazi propaganda apparatus was partly studied both in Germany and on the occupied territories of the USSR.Thus, despite the significant number of works, the activities of certain organs of Nazi propaganda practically was not studied. The aim of this work is to disclose individual structures of the Ministry of Education and Propaganda and the concept of its activities; its implementation in the occupied territories of the USSR.Studying the events, highlighted in the monographs, there were involved historical scientific methods, particularly in the study of Nazi government advocacy to know and take into account the socio-political, socio-economic, cultural, military development, the relationship with neighbor states, the place in the space of Europe. This system takes into consideration the principle achievements of not only domestic but also foreign historians studying the problem of information policy in the areas considered absolutely German by the Third Reich government. Synthesis method made it possible to synthesize a significant amount of information and its reconstruction on the data, particular situation that has emerged in Germany and Austria during the reign of the Third Reich. The method of synthesis allowed to state that the Nazi regime, which differed in various European countriese, contributed to the development of various forms of cooperation with the Nazi authorities. The statistical method was the basis for receiving, processing, selection and analysis of descriptive and statistical sources, which played a leading role in the structure of sources of this study. It gives an opportunity to determine people in percentage scale, who was really effected by Nazi information policy.Thus, it should be noted that the Nazi propaganda machine designed and used in 1933–1945 various forms and methods of action on its own population. The main purpose of propaganda services of the Third Reich was 2to get the support of German citizens for the preparation and conduct of the war with the Soviet Union. Thus, the study of the nature and results of outreach impact on the minds of the German population in terms of preparation and conduct of the war was one of the main goals in the activity of the Ministry of Education and propaganda.The main reception, which Nazi propaganda used in its information policy, is the most primitive sensations that contributed Nazis sympathy to the broad of the masses in Germany. It used all methods to achieve its goals: from cinema to architecture, but radio was given the most important attention of all media. Using propaganda in the mass consciousness of the German people, it implanted hatred so-called “non-Aryan” nations, praising Hitler and German military might.To sum up, it should be noted that Nazi propaganda in 1933 promoted to the successful stabilization of the regime, which allowed to proceed in time to rapid reorientation of public consciousness. The system of Nazi propaganda, has become one of the pillars of the Third Reich along with the mechanism of state terror, and allowed its leaders to spend more and more radical internal and foreign policy without fear of resistance of the German people.

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