Historical and cultural manifestations of the era of "perestroika" in Ukraine

Братусь, Іван Вікторович and Гунька, Анна Миколаївна and Свердлик, Зоряна Михайлівна (2020) Historical and cultural manifestations of the era of "perestroika" in Ukraine Молодий вчений, 85 (9). pp. 130-134. ISSN 2304-5809; 2313-2167

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The article analyzes some historical and cultural phenomena of the period of "perestroika". The focus is on the specifics of the gradual comprehension of the "new reality" that emerged as a result of systemic changes in the communist regime. The article sheds light on some conservative aspects of the Ukrainian top elite of the late USSR, the slow change of its ideological attitudes, and the devastating imitation of civic position. An attempt has been made to track the dynamics of shifts in the rhetoric of the Soviet system of the "perestroika" era. In Ukraine, "perestroika" penetrated people's minds in different ways. The inertia of thinking was caused by a number of objective factors. Of course, at the "official" level, rethinking took place according to one's own "laws." The imitation of rethinking has come close to the real insight of millions of people. We can only observe more or less indicative formal signs of change. "Perestroika" in the Soviet Union was a phenomenon that combined planned and spontaneous processes. It is possible that the planned processes were detached from reality, and the spontaneous ones were so unique that they were perceived rather slowly. The melting of the ice was rather slow. There were special problems in Ukraine - perhaps the most conservative republic of the USSR. The constant work of various Soviet structures led to such "stagnation" that the sprouts of the "Cossack family" for a long time broke through the terrain of artificial and "sincere" layers. Imitations of regime change and loyalty to the regime have already merged with the inner nature of those who "made a career" in the USSR. We have addressed only some of the historical and cultural manifestations of the era of "perestroika". This view of the past years is even more convincing in the inseparable connection of history with the present, with the formation of the future by understanding the causes of past mistakes. Talks about change are still heard in Ukraine, and every leading politician is trying to implement his "program of change." Ukraine will not be able to achieve any success with just one imitation. It is likely that this update will occur naturally; when they stop talking and writing a lot about him. Not everything that we dreamed of in the romantic era of "perestroika" came true, but the belief in the positive never leaves. Changes do not happen in an instant, maturity is necessary for a healthy fruitful perspective.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: "perestroika"; pluralism; politics; the collapse of the USSR; history; the CPSU.
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