Digital transformation as an attractor of Ukraine's economic development

Kasianova, Nataliia and Kendiukhov, Oleksander and Kochubei, Oleksandr and Oliinyk, Yaroslav and Sokhatska, Olena and Zhukova, Yuliia (2020) Digital transformation as an attractor of Ukraine's economic development International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology, 11 (7). pp. 340-349. ISSN 0976-6499

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The development of such a complex system as the country's economy is nonlinear and accompanied by abrupt transformations. These problems become especially relevant during the crisis. The coronavirus epidemic provoked changes in trends in the world economy, caused the beginning of the economic crisis. Ukraine's economy was considered as a dynamic system modelled by a finite number of ordinary differential equations. Its unstable, chaotic state and potential readiness for bifurcation have been proved. To control complex systems with chaotic properties is necessary to have reliable information about the structure of their phase portrait, to determine the areas of attraction to the respective attractors. The selection of the attraction region of the attractor in the phase space allows minor changes in the initial conditions to bring the system to a qualitatively new state. To model the behavior of the economic system from the standpoint of controlled chaos, the surface of its equilibrium is constructed, and the conditions of catastrophe are determined. The rate of change in GDP was chosen as the resulting variable of the country's economic development, and the control parameters are the residual value of fixed assets and labour costs. According to the simulation results, the equilibrium points of potential functions corresponding to the bifurcation points of the system are determined. It is proved that the economy of Ukraine is in a period of the imbalance; the country is approaching the bifurcation point. The pandemic and quarantine measures have accelerated the chaos of the country's economy and the need to choose a new attractor. The paper proposes to consider the digitalization of the economy as such an attractor. The state of the domestic IT market is analyzed, its advantages and possible risks are determined. The sufficiency of the potential of the IT industry of Ukraine for the implementation of the strategy of the digital transformation of the economy of Ukraine, which will lead to the post-bifurcation emergence of a new trajectory of the system. Today in Ukraine, there is no single strategy for the transition to a digital economy. There are only selected projects, solutions and technologies in the digital economy. And this multidirectional effort is the main reason for Ukraine's low performance in the digital sphere. Further development of Ukraine's economy depends on timely entry into a new trajectory. And the development of a unified strategy for the digital transformation of the economy should be the goal of cooperation between the state, science and business.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Attractor; Information Technology Market; Economic Crisis; Digital Economy; Development of Dynamic System
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