Borys Hrinchenko and Dmytro Doroshenko: history of cooperation of Ukrainian intellectuals

Андрєєв, Віталій Миколайович and Андрєєва, Світлана Серафимівна (2020) Borys Hrinchenko and Dmytro Doroshenko: history of cooperation of Ukrainian intellectuals Skhidnoievropeiskyi Istorychnyi Visnyk (16). pp. 85-95. ISSN 2664-2735

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Abstract. The purpose of the study is to reveal the main directions of cooperation between B. Hrinchenko and D. Doroshenko in the scientific, socio-political, journalistic, publishing spheres in the modernization of a public life and the formation of a nationally conscious elite at the beginning of the ХХth century. The research methodology is based on the principles of historicism, a systematic approach, objectivity, anthropologism. General historical methods of analysis and synthesis and special historical methods (historical genetic, historical typological) have been used. The research methodology is supplemented by the concepts of “intellectual biography” and “network science model”. The scientific novelty consists in the fact that for the first time a wide range of sources summarize the social, professional, private interactions of the representatives of two generations of the national movement – B. Hrinchenko and D. Doroshenko, and determine their role in the Ukrainian issue. The Conclusions. The relations between B. Hrinchenko and D. Doroshenko demonstrate a difficult transition from the populist Ukrainophilism to the political Ukrainophilism. During the revolution of 1905 – 1907, in the political activity of D. Doroshenko and B. Hrinchenko, the tactical priorities were the struggle for the autonomy of Ukraine within the Russian Empire, federalism and parliamentarism. In Kyiv during 1905 – 1909, B. Hrinchenko involved D. Doroshenko into the development of the Ukrainian independent press, educational and public work. He significantly influenced D. Doroshenko’s views in various fields of the Ukrainian studies, scientific interests, civic position. The fruitful activity and cooperation of B. Hrinchenko and D. Doroshenko contributed to the formation of the Ukrainian nation from a huge ethnic mass of the Ukrainian people, a social organism capable of an independent cultural and political life, which would become the driving force of the liberation struggle during 1917 – 1920.

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