The artistic representation of femininity in modern Ukrainian novels

Башкирова, Ольга Миколаївна (2020) The artistic representation of femininity in modern Ukrainian novels Слово і час (6(714)). pp. 72-86. ISSN 0236-1477

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The article deals with the main tendencies of the artistic reception of women images in modern Ukrainian novels. The principles of femininity’s modeling in literature are considered from the positions of the gender studies, postcolonial and psychoanalytic theory. It’s proved that the peculiarities of this modeling are determined by the stylistic and genre tendencies of the Ukrainian literature. The main vectors of an artistic rethinking of typical feminine images of national literary tradition (mother, clan-keeper, demonic woman) are demonstrated on the numerous examples. These images correlate with the fundamental artistic principles of the turning points in history (actualization of the archetypes, attention to the irrational manifestations of human psychics). They display the “masculine” literary tradition (representation of a woman as external object), but at the same time demonstrate new accent in understanding of gender roles (woman as the mentor of a man). The alternative types of the feminine identity represented by feminist and culturological women’s writing are explored. The special attention is paid to the constant of procreation as the main woman’s ability which forms different models of feminine mentality – from the essentialist mother-type to the image of a child-free woman. The modeling of a feminine artistic picture of the world becomes an actual strategy of an overcoming of the postcolonial trauma. It’s explained by the peculiarities of the postcolonial literatures which realize their historical reflections in local family stories. In this context feminine conscious gets status of a memory-keeper and shows the ability to trace the development of the grate national history in its everyday measures. On the base of large-scale generalization of last decades’ artistic practice the main worldview intentions of modern novels are determined, first of all the tendency to create the gender parity, full-fledged dialogue of men and women as the equal subjects of culture creation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: gender; novel; Ukrainian literature; postmodernism; post-colonialism; femininity; masculinity
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