Slavonik political biography on the «Slovanský přehled» («Slavonic revue») pages

Стамбол, Ігор Іванович (2020) Slavonik political biography on the «Slovanský přehled» («Slavonic revue») pages Наукові праці Національної бібліотеки України імені В. І. Вернадського. (59). pp. 264-274. ISSN 2224-9516

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The article reviews trends in political biography of Slavonic studies, in particular in the context of Western and Southern Slavs, in Czech science of the twentieth century on the basis of publications in the scientific journal «Slovanský přehled» (“Slavonic Review”). Biographical Slavonic studies are almost unexplored aspects of the historiographical and literary narrative, which contains comparative moments that are inherent to Slavonic studies. The political biographies, which are part of one of the most popular genres of biography in most nations of the world, are a reflection of the socio-political development of societies and were published in the journal «Slovanský přehled» (“Slavonic Review”) are presentative for the tendencies of twentieth-century Czech Slavonic studies. In the interwar period, Czech researchers were most interested in Yugoslav political biography. This is probably due to the fascination of researchers with the scale of the Slavonic country, which emerged from the First World War among the winners. The largest number of political biographies appeared during the “socialist” Czechoslovakia and concerned the glorification or coverage of “reciprocity” between the ideologically acceptable Slavonic socialists. Most Bulgarian socialists were considered such at that time, so they were marked by the largest number of studies.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Slavonik biography; political biography; «Slovanský přehled»; Czech historiography; Slavonic studies
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