The Newspaper «Vil’ne Slovo» («Free Word») as the Source for Studying Ukrainian Prisoners’ of War Lifestyle at Salzwedel Camp (Germany) in 1916-1917

Срібняк, Ігор Володимирович and Голоско, Світлана Михайлівна (2020) The Newspaper «Vil’ne Slovo» («Free Word») as the Source for Studying Ukrainian Prisoners’ of War Lifestyle at Salzwedel Camp (Germany) in 1916-1917 Світ Кліо (1). pp. 80-89. ISSN 2709-3875

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Authors were first involved in the study of a fairly representative range of materials from the magazine «Free Word», two annual kits of which are stored in the V.Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. The «Free Word» copies, which are kept at the Symon Petliura Ukrainian Library (Paris, France), were also investigated. The authors of this article made a selection of materials that pertained to the actual camp life of Ukrainian prisoners of war, as well as the main manifestations of their activities in the camps and organizations. They found that the Free Word newspaper contained such materials in almost every issue; the articles themselves were of various formats (from notes and chronic messages – to thematic articles and memories). Their authors were mostly the prisoners themselves, who were directly involved in national, cultural and educational work in Salzwedel. A study of the totality of these materials gives reason to claim that their materials are first-rate source material, the use of which allows us to reconstruct the main manifestations of the camp everyday life of captured Ukrainian soldiers in Salzwedel. «Free Word» informs regularly about the achievements of the Ukrainian camp community of Salzwedel in the educational field, published reviews of theater performances and concerts, published information on camp charitable events (and in particular, about raising funds for the needs of Ukrainian schools in the occupied Ukrainian lands, for the Ukrainian Central Council, etc.). «Free Word» also successfully fulfilled the mission of the connector between the leaders of the Ukrainian camp community and its members, who temporarily left the camp as part of working teams. For this purpose, the newspaper placed information on the establishment of teams of cultural-educational and support groups and societies, as well as the charity initiatives of prisoners outside the camp. The awareness of the importance of such communication in the prisoners in general led to the publication of hundreds of letters to the newspaper, as well as monetary contributions of captive Ukrainians to the needs of «Free Word» development. It was extremely important for prisoners that the newspaper always addressed them with a word of support and encouragement, instilling in the souls of the camps the hope of returning home, fulfilling in them the belief in state self-assertion of Ukraine and the need for its armed protection against the invasion of Bolshevik Russia. Thus, the «Free Word» newspaper became a true chronicler of the history of the Ukrainian community of the Salzwedel camp, and the process of national awareness of the captured Ukrainian soldiers remained engrained in its materials, some of which were part of the «blue-toothed» Ukrainian divisions that formed the foundations of the UPR's armed forces in 1918.

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