Investigations of artifacts and technologies of trypillia culture

Гошко, Тетяна Юріївна (2020) Investigations of artifacts and technologies of trypillia culture Одноосібна. Видавництво “ФОПР Сабов А.М.”, Київ-Ужгород.

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Copper flat axes of the Szákalhát type are a fairly common type of tools in the contemporary withstages Trypillia BI-II, CI cultures of Central Europe. These tools are characterized by asymmetry of the profile - one curved side and a flat other. The collection of Trypillia metal of the National Museum of History of Ukraine contains five Szákalhát -type products from the excavations of V. Khvoyka. Due to the attribution, it was established that they originated from the settlements of Trypillia and Veremya (the last quarter of 5,000 Mil. BC), Khalepya and Chernyakhiv (first half of 4,000 Mil. BC). Flat axes from Trypillia, Veremia and Chernyakhiv belongs to the Szákalhát type, Városlőd variant. The axechisel from Halepya has no analogies. Remains of seams on the side surfaces are often shifted to a flat surface. indicating casting in a two-sided form, one of the sash of which had a deeper negative than the other. Regarding the type of mold for casting flat axes from Trypillia, some questions arose. The presence of dents on its curved surface, which have been cast from a mold, may indicate the use of a model made of either wax or fired clay. Only in such a way could similar marks appear on the surface of the casting. It is concluded that the flat axel from Trypillia may have been cast according to the wax model. This technology has been known since the time of Varna Culture (V th millennium BC). But we do not know yet whether it was known to Trypillia population

Item Type: Monograph (Одноосібна)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Trypillia Culture; technologies; coooper objects; gold; pottery; painting
Subjects: Монографії > Видані в Україні
Divisions: Факультет суспільно-гуманітарних наук > Кафедра археології та давньої історії
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Date Deposited: 18 Dec 2020 10:36
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