Berenbein I. S. Mykola Lysenko’ Performing Pianism as a Factor for the Formation of National Romantic Style Concept

Беренбейн, Інеса Самійлівна (2017) Berenbein I. S. Mykola Lysenko’ Performing Pianism as a Factor for the Formation of National Romantic Style Concept Часопис Національної музичної академії України імені П.І. Чайковського: науковий журнал, 4 (37) (5 (37)). pp. 55-63. ISSN 2414-052X

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Berenbein I. S. Mykola Lysenko’ Performing Pianism as a Factor for the Formation of National Romantic Style Concept. T h e r e s e a r c h r e l e v a n c e is a new approach to study the phenomenon of national romantic style, in particular, in the aspect of connection between the processes of national style formation with of M. Lysenko’s the pianist culture. M. Lysenko’s performing pianism is considered in three vectors: as a method to know the world; as a method to test his own style concept; as a factor in the formation of national romantic concept. Considered in the aspect of the artist’s performance, the piano legacy appears as a creative laboratory for the adaptation of European genre models in the Ukrainian spiritual universe and the creation of a national well-developed model of Ukrainian musical romanticism. T h e p u r p o s e of the study is formulated as the intention to comprehend the style-forming correlates of own linguistic canon by M. Lysenko, the reincarnation of genre models of European Romanism in connection with the pianist phenomenon of the master. As a result of applying c o m p a r a t i v e - t y p o l o g i c a l a n d s t y l i s t i c a n a l y s i s m e t h o d s in work, it is shown that the pianism of M. Lysenko is a property of his style, a special perspective of world outlook and a characteristic individual way of self-expression and self-awareness in the world. The romantic roots of M. Lysenko’s pianism, culminating in the depths of folk culture, persuade in the deeply national core of his thinking. The use of m e t h o d s o f c o m p a r a t i v e a n d t e x t u a l a n a l y s i s in working with press materials, museum materials and epistolary-memoirs documents gave an opportunity to find out some of the properties of M. Lysenko’s performing style and describe him as “national romantic pianism”. Within the framework of s t y l i s t i c a n a l y s i s of piano creativity of the artist the components of the concept “national piano romantic style” are considered. It is noted that the genre and stylistic piano music by M. Lysenko reflects the organic integrity of the romantic associations of the artist in the dialogical unity of the European and national, ethnocharacter and all-human features. T h e c o n c l u s i o n s prove that the performance pianism was for M. Lysenko a method of learning the world, reincarnating the aesthetic and genre-style features of European romanticism in creativity, and more broadly – a correlation of the integration of the ethnonational sound ideal into the universal human space. M. Lysenko’s performance pianism was based on the spiritual culture of the artist, on his progressive civic position as a nationally conscious artist, and for this reason he became an active doer in the history of Ukrainian musical culture. He has changed, improved, evolved the world-view of performing pianism, his aesthetic preferences have created a spiritual path, outlining the linguistic territory for future creative searches by Ukrainian artists in the field of composer’s practice and performing arts. Keywords: performing pianism, national musical romanticism, piano heritage, miniature, chamber art

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: performing pianism; national musical romanticism; piano heritage; miniature; chamber art
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