Particularities of the structure of the functional training degree of athletes-leaders in female boxing

Lysenko, Olena and Gasanova, Saida (2019) Particularities of the structure of the functional training degree of athletes-leaders in female boxing Sport Science and Human Health (1). pp. 24-31. ISSN 2664-2069

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The article considers particularities of the functional and energy supply of the general physical working capacity of female boxers, which underlies in the basis of the high efficiency of the competitive activity. The objective – to establish peculiarities of the functional training degree of high-qualified athletesleaders in female boxing. Methods. The manifestation of the working capacity and the reaction of the cardiorespiratory system to the test exertions, which allow to establish aerobic and anaerobic capabilities of the organism of female athletes, has been studied with the help of the ergospirometrical complex «Oxycon Pro». Results. In boxing the longer the duration of a combat the greater the values of the aerobic processes in its energy supply. Female athletes-leaders in female boxing are distinguished by the high level of the realization of their aerobic potential both under conditions of a continuous exertion and under conditions of short-term physical exertions, as well as by a higher speed of expanding of metabolic and functional reactions in transitional conditions of exertion. Conclusions. Aerobic and anaerobic capacity, mobility factor in the structure of the functional training degree of the female athletes-leaders in boxing allow adequately and quickly react to changes of the action intensity in a boxing combat, which facilitates the increase in the efficiency of the competitive activity

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: female boxers; functional training degree; physical working capacity; cardiorespiratory system.
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