History of world culture

Голованов, Сергій Олександрович (2020) History of world culture [Teaching Resource]

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Meta - the formulation of students in the spiritual culture of the developed specialties; the development of the spiritual culture of the European nations by extending the historical development of the European peoples, helping the students to learn to themselves the sub'ct of cultural creativity. Zavdannya:  Building up to abstract design, analysis and synthesis.  The state of affairs in the communication and communication, appearing in the information data and in the concepts of the city and in the infusion of the misconceptions, in the supernatural and incomplete arguments.  Preparedness before the knowledge of new and permanent knowledge, before the launch of new knowledge and strategies / methods of targeting.  Building is efficiently organized and efficiently organized and efficiently perfected.  State of the art of sub-active, spontaneous warehouses of judgments about active and argumentation, in order to pressurize the crossing point.  Criticality and self-criticism of the message.  Powerfulness to self-revision of the results, the turbot about the visibility of professional stars.  Uvaga and tolerance to the idea of ​​thinking, the building of an analysis of the structure in the process of combining and adequately reactivating.  My brother's part in intellectual debates, vicariously forming a beast before the opponent, concentrating on significant warehouses, not passing over to specialties.

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