Analysis and solution of the conceptual and terminological problem of the Blockchain concept definition

Обушний, Сергій Миколайович and Кравченко, Роман Сергійович and Хацкевич, Леонід Вікторович and Некрасов, Сергій Ігоревич and Франціян, Артем Ігоревич (2020) Analysis and solution of the conceptual and terminological problem of the Blockchain concept definition European scientific journal of Economic and Financial innovation (2). pp. 14-36. ISSN 2617-863X

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In this study, the authors formulated, analyzed and solved the conceptual and terminological problem of using the term and the definition of the Blockchain concept, taking into account their influence on the development of consistent theoretical knowledge and right practical experience in the subject areas of its application. In order to achieve the goal of this study, the authors proposed a solution in the form of an author's definition of the Blockchain concept, based on the analysis of meanings, the derivation of their classification and identification of characteristics of this concept. The core of research analysis based on the criterion of the definition's proximity to the original meaning, which was put into the concept by the original authors who laid the theoretical and practical foundations for the domain area of decentralized computing, machines, and networks. To obtain a definition of the Blockchain concept the authors used a method based on identifying and analyzing two types of conditions in the Blockchain concept: properties and characteristics. Thus, for the formation of the definition, were selected characteristics (sufficient conditions) that characterize and reveal the meaning of the phenomenon. The research starts by reconstructing the etymology and thus the primary meaning of the Blockchain concept. Further, the authors inventory and systematize a set of existing definitions. Based on the analysis of this set 3-types classification of Blockchain concept interpretations is proposed. The key result of the research is the analysis and decomposition of definitions into properties and characteristics. Subsequently, it is synthesized in the form of the author's definition that has the property of uniqueness, accuracy, completeness, reliability, relevance, objectivity. To find a solution of the problem, the authors use analytical linguistics approaches: definition inventory, analysis of definitions, normalization of terms and variety of existing definitions and codification. The applied contribution of the study, which goes beyond its main boundaries, is to prepare material match to the class of problems of the ISO 22739 standard, Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Blockchain; Blockchain Management System; BMS; Distributed Ledger Technology; DLT; Distributed System; Distributed Computing; Distributed Network; Terminology; Definition; Glossary
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