А change of human values during the life as an indicator of the formation of a spiritual being

Мієр, Тетяна Іванівна and Бондаренко, Геннадій Леонідович and Ващенко, Олена Миколаївна and Сухопара, Ірина Геннадіївна and Голодюк, Лариса Степанівна and Ткаченко, Ігор Анатолійович and Савош, Валентин (2021) А change of human values during the life as an indicator of the formation of a spiritual being AD ALTA. Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (11(1)). pp. 30-33. ISSN 1804-7890; 2464-6733

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The research was carried out within the framework of the unfunded educational project "Axia". The main purpose of the study was to consider human as a cosmoplanetary phenomenon. The study of human in this perspective was based on the leading ideas of the theory of cosmic self-development and the concept of spirit. These are ideas in which: the appearance of human is explained by the evolution of the Universe; the process of self-development of the Universe is inextricably linked with the process of formation of human as a spiritual being; the spirit appears as a space in which human acts as a spiritual being; values are the formation in which the conditions of human existence are fixed. The course of the research was aimed at identifying the values that dominate in each of the periods of human life and form the basis for overcoming various psycho-social crises. The establishment of age limits for the association of respondents in the study groups was carried out following the age periods identified by E. Erickson in the periodization of human mental development. As a result of the study, six lists of values were compiled, which together reflect the process of forming a person as a spiritual being because of the constant change of values throughout life. The dominant values that guide each of the six groups of respondents, overcoming various psycho-social crises along the way, have also been identified.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Evolution of the Universe; Personal values; Self-development of the Universe; Spiritual being; Spiritual energy of mankind
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