Search for plant prints on a burnt daub from Maidanetske

Videiko, Mariia (2017) Search for plant prints on a burnt daub from Maidanetske Trypillian Civilization Journal (8). ISSN 2155-871x

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Archaeologists often reporting, that during excavations of the settlements of Trypillia Culture they found "vegetable impurities" or "impurities of the hollow" on/in burnt daub. In this case, paleobotanical definitions of these findings by experts are usually not made. Some samples, time to time, stored at museums but never systematically studied. All this means, that some important information is lost forever. So, during excavations in Maydanetske in 2016, an expedition to the Archeology Research Institute of the Borys Grinchenko University of Kyiv began collecting this unique information in order to preserve it with the next transfer for studying specialists. In previous years, such work was not carried out because the main hope of working in the expedition of paleobotany was to study the remains of plants from flotation of soil from excavations, as well as the study of phytoliths (see Muller et alii, 2016: 64-74). In 2016, excavations of an extraordinary structure in the trench 111, probably a temple building (Ишвуйко та ін., 2016) were carried out. The obtained samples were photographed, including using a digital microscope (Fig. 2-11). From a part of samples with participation of doctor of botanical sciences G. Pashkevich removed the imprints using the plastic material on which the definition was made. Variety of plant impurities, which was detected after it, gives grounds for the conclusions about the probability of purposeful addition to the building mixture not only traditional impurities, in this case - barley, but also a variety of wild plants in the form of stems and seeds and fruits, as well as leaves, probably with some small branches. The samples were stored for further study by specialists. The performed work showed that obtaining samples of plant prints from a rubbing, which is a massive material in studies on settlements of Trypillia Culture.

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