Institutional-evolutionary frames of the mentality of “digital man” as a “genetic code” of digital entrepreneurship

Краус, Наталія Миколаївна and Краус, Катерина Миколаївна (2021) Institutional-evolutionary frames of the mentality of “digital man” as a “genetic code” of digital entrepreneurship Ефективна економіка (3).

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Authors present digitized intellectual capital according to the transformation spiral of the form: “digitized human capital – institute of digital education – intellectual digitized work – digitized intellectual capital – intellectual digital activity – intellectual/digital potential – digital culture – intellectual/digital production – intellectual/capital – digital economy – …”. Author’s potential “steering rules and norms” of digital economy at the levels of the institutional platform has been developed. It is proposed to consider the mental rules and norms inherent in the modern digital person within the framework of the institutional platform at different levels (nano, micro, meso, macro, mega). Authors made an attempt to methodologically reveal the content of the category “mentality” and the institution of mentality from the standpoint of the formation of digital entrepreneurship and digital economy. In the article, authors express the opinion that in order to have highly qualified digital entrepreneurs in the labor market, it is necessary to hone the existing “genetic code” of the institute of a specialist in terms of becoming an institute of a digital specialist in digital entrepreneurship in virtual reality. Author’s vision of the content of “digital person” and knowledge of the content of the institution of “digital person” through the use of the category “frame”, “institute” is offered. he authors suggest that the institutional-evolutionary frame of the institution of “digital man” should be understood as the structure of this institution, which contains information of intellectual and digital nature, as well as a description of the object in the form of attributes and their meanings. Author’s institutional-evolutionary frames of the “digital man” as a “genetic code” of digital entrepreneurship are presented, among which are named: the institute of digital education; intellectual digitized work; institute of digitized intellectual capital; intellectual digital activity, mobility; intelligent digital potential; digital competencies, skills, culture; digital entrepreneurship; digital product/service; institute of digital capital.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: mentality; digital entrepreneurship; “digital man”; institutional-evolutionary frames; “genetic code”; digital economy
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