Didactic features of using the geoboard tablet in mathematics lessons in 1st grade

Романенко, Людмила Віталіївна and Чорнобай, Вікторія Петрівна (2021) Didactic features of using the geoboard tablet in mathematics lessons in 1st grade Науковий журнал "Молодий вчений" (8(96)). pp. 74-78. ISSN 2313-2167; 2304-5809

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The article explores the didactic features of the use of the Geoboard tablet in mathematics lessons in primary school, on the example of the first grade. The basic methodical methods of work with a modern tablet in the lesson of mathematics in the first class are analyzed. Scientific approaches to game technologies are described, and didactic features of application of the Geoboard tablet at lessons of mathematics in the first class for the purpose of the best perception of the information and its assimilation are characterized. The use of the Geoboard tablet in mathematics lessons influences the development of fine motor skills of hands, comprehensive development of students, develops thinking and skills to design and create new geometric shapes, forms an idea of the world, geometric shapes, comparisons, arithmetic operations, structure of numbers. When working with the Geoboard tablet, children develop cognitive interests and during the game children become aware of a lot of new information and learn the skills and abilities that they will need in later life. The use of the Geobord tablet in mathematics lessons will expand the possibilities of work in the lesson, teach children to build different shapes, help the child learn to count, help in the study of the composition of numbers, also develops fine motor skills. The role of game technology in teaching first graders is extremely important, because children feel really free while playing. During the game, the child reveals and develops his strengths. This activity is the most natural and interesting activity. During the game, the child does not even notice how he learns something new and interesting, that he deepens the already acquired experience and already known knowledge, remembers better because he is completely immersed in the world of play and easily perceives new information. Through play, the child begins to communicate freely with peers, and the relationship between student and teacher develops well. The main driving factor in an effective learning process is an understanding of mathematical laws and a full interest in them.

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