Painted pottery from Trypillia Culture sites BI-II stage at Dnieper

Видейко, Михаил and Гошко, Тетяна Юріївна and Відейко, Марія Михайлівна and Бондаренко, Тетяна Юріївна (2021) Painted pottery from Trypillia Culture sites BI-II stage at Dnieper Revista Arheologică, serie nouă, XVI (2). pp. 5-15. ISSN 1857-016X

[thumbnail of Расписная керамика на поселениях трипольской культуры этапа ВІ-ІІ на Днепре] Text (Расписная керамика на поселениях трипольской культуры этапа ВІ-ІІ на Днепре)
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Excavations of Trypillia Culture sites of stage BI-II on the Dnieper began more than 120 years ago. Different researchers attributed them either to the Penezhkov-Shcherbanevka group, then to the Bug-Dnieeer type, or to the East Trypillia Culture united together quite different sites - from Klischev on the Southern Bug and Vesely Kut in the Gorny Tikich up to Trypillia on Dnieper. The most noticeable are these differences in the set and quantity of painted ware, the study of which, in our opinion, may allow us to reconstruct in more detail the structure of this part of the cultural community of Cucuteni-Trypillia. Among the important tasks, which we need to study, are: the systematization and publication of painted pottery, the analysis of its distribution over the sites, as well as the clarification of the features of its technology. The studies of painted ceramics from such settlements as Trypillia, Shcherbanevka, Veremye, Kolomiyitsiv Yar allows not only to offer their periodization, but also to substantiate the previously expressed assumptions about the presence here in the second half of the 5th millennium BC, at stage VI-II of the local group that stands out from other sites at Southern Bug and the Bug-Dnieper interfluve.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Trypillia Culture; Dnieper; painted pottery; BI-II stage.
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