Production subjects and ways of its artistic implementation in the collection of reports V. Vladko «Donbass is a golden country»

Бикова, Ольга Миколаївна (2020) Production subjects and ways of its artistic implementation in the collection of reports V. Vladko «Donbass is a golden country» Держава та регіони. Серія: Соціальні комунікації (3(43)). pp. 10-18. ISSN 2219-8741

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The purpose of the research is to identify the genre and style features of the reportage on production topic on the example of collection by V. Vladko «Donbass is a golden country». Research methodology. In accordance with the purpose, the research process requires a com-prehensive application of such methods as: inductive-deductive – to observe and describe the selected characteristics of the reportage on production topics; descriptive-analytical – gave the opportunity to analyze the textual means of realization of genre-forming features of the reportage on production topics with further comparison and generalization of the obtained results; bibliographic – in order to collect and process literature on the research topic. The method of observation was used to collect primary empirical materials. On the basis of the structural-functional method the analysis of reportage collection by V. Vladko «Donbass is a golden country» was carried out. The method of generalization allowed to summarize the theoretical provisions of the study and to form a comprehensive vision of ways of artistic realization of industrial themes in the collection of reportages by V. Vladko «Donbass is a golden country». Results. The author emphasizes that this genre variety was extremely popular in Soviet journalism in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. In the periodicals of that time, materials appeared more and more often in which journalists paid special attention to describing the labor exploits of Soviet people during industrialization and collectivization campaigns, were interested in the work of factories, and collective farms, and portrayed people’s faith in a better future. Particular attention is paid to their ideological orientation, cultivating the theme of the working class and the industrialization of a new society. It has been found that the reporter aims to describe these processes exclusively as a positive phenomenon. The purpose of our study is to analyze the genre and style features of reporting on production topics. The vision and application of the division of reporting into genre varieties, the characteristics of their identification and typological features are relatively new in the theory and practice of social com-munication research, which determines the relevance of our study. The subject of the research is V. Vladko’s collection of reports «Donbass is a golden country». To achieve this goal was used a set of general and special research methods, including the principle of historicism, methods of analysis and synthesis, etc. After analyzing the collection of V. Vladko «Donbass is a golden country», we decided that the report on the production theme as a genre-thematic variety has the following specific features: optimistic and sublime tone of the story; emphasis on the advantages of the socialist way of development; party affiliation, ideology, pathos; the main characters of the reports are workers – «builders of a bright communist future»; naturalistic descriptiveness of production processes; creation of idyllic pictures of Soviet life; availability of protocol-declarative slogans, production vocabulary, a large amount of factual material (statistical data, historical information). Novelty. In view of previous research and analysis of empirical material, at the first time a reportage on production topics was singled out as a genre-thematic type of reporting. Practical meaning. The results of the research can be used during development of educational materials on normative disciplines («Introduction to the specialty», «Genres of journalism», «History of Ukrainian journalism», «Theory and practice of journalistic creativity»), special courses and special seminars in higher education institutions for students majoring in «Journalism».

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Uncontrolled Keywords: report on production topics; labor; worker; Donbass; industry.
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