American conceptual models of the University in the XX c.: social and philosophical analysis

Кузьменко, Ольга Миколаївна (2014) American conceptual models of the University in the XX c.: social and philosophical analysis Вісник Дніпропетровського університету (24 (2)). pp. 57-63. ISSN 2312-2714

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It is analyzed the theoretical models of the ideal University of the American researchers: A. Flexner, R. Hutchins, C. Kerr, T. Veblen; it is distinguished the main tasks, ideals and values, that characterized these models. T. Veblen`s ideal University serves the society and provides general development of knowledge. It is research institute for the new social leaders. A. Flexner considers that the ideal University is an elitist research institute, which mission is to influence the society through analysis of the social problems and consulting of the state institutes and different organizations. R. Hutchins describes his ideal University as the center of culture and philosophical thinking. He doesn`t observe the research as one of the most important tasks of the University. C. Kerr according to the new philosophy of pragmatism proposes the model of the multiversity which main function is to provide the educational service. In this conception, the student becomes the main user of the educational services and all functions and mission of the University become forming according to his need. It is formed the features of the new historical tape of the University that is developing as: the center of the educational services, that acts according to the economical law and connects with the state and private institutes; the center of the social transformation which mission is to serve the civilization, society, nation, region and orients at the same time to the all human values and to the national ones; professional high school that provides for equal access for all persons interested and high quality professional training on the democratic basis; research institute, that provides keeping and growth of knowledge, improvement of the science and innovative development.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: model of the University; ideal of the educated person; mission and tasks of the University; new historical type of the University
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