Manipulative tactics in modern internet edition headlines

Видайчук, Тетяна Леонідівна and Видайчук, Катерина Віталіївна (2021) Manipulative tactics in modern internet edition headlines Філологічні студії: збірник наукових праць (17). pp. 21-29. ISSN 2311-2425; 2412-2491

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The article is devoted to the research of manipulative tactics used in the media headlines, and some consequences of manipulations in this type of communication have been established. Linguistic techniques and mechanisms of language influence have been singled out, verbal and nonverbal methods have also been analyzed. Language manipulation is defined as the conscious and purposeful use of certain language structures to build successful communication; language influence is seen as manipulation directed at the listener or reader in a particular communicative situation to achieve the desired effect. The material analyzed allows us to state that lexical, grammatical and stylistic language means have a powerful influential potential and thus they are able to attract the addressee’s, either the listener’s or reader’s attention to some specific meanings, in this way serving as language manipulation and language influence. Linguistic manipulative methods and techniques in headlines are based on a well-thought-out structure of the headline (collocations, eye-catching or buzz phrases), purposely chosen vocabulary, stylistic means and figures which can influence and stimulate different centers of human feelings, therefore imposing a particular view on the described situation. One of manipulation methods is the creation of anonymous authority or distraction from the essential context of the message with the help of rumors, sensations, advertising, gossips, etc., which complicates the perception of the material read. The method of contrast serves to attract the reader's attention. Among typical linguistic and stylistic means of the analyzed headlines there is phraseology, emotionally colored vocabulary, stylistically and socially marked units, stylistic methods of antithesis, tautology. Means of creating subjective modality on the headline level have been found to be frequently used. Among nonverbal means belonging to the headline structure and influencing the reader, there are different fonts and colors, images and quotation marks used to illustrate and highlight headlines.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: language manipulation; language influence; media discourse; Ukrainian language; headlines; online edition
Subjects: Це архівна тематика Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка > Статті у журналах > Статті у періодичних наукових виданнях Університету, які не включені до затвердженого Переліку МОН України (не входять до категорії Б)
Divisions: Це архівні підрозділи Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка > Факультет української філології, культури і мистецтва > Кафедра української мови
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Date Deposited: 04 Jan 2022 08:05
Last Modified: 04 Jan 2022 08:05

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