Cultural dimension of neurolinguistic programming in the trinity of interaction of director, actor, spectator

Садовенко, Світлана and Порядченко, Леся Анатоліївна (2021) Cultural dimension of neurolinguistic programming in the trinity of interaction of director, actor, spectator Knowledge, Education, Law, Management (7(43)). pp. 26-30. ISSN 2353-8406

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The article provides a theoretical analysis of the problem of personal interaction between actor, director and audience. Peculiarities of the director's emotional and communicative influence on the actor and the actor on the spectator using the basics of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) are presented. The main focus is on the use of neurolinguistic programming technologies in the process of creative communication, which will promote better understanding between the subjects of the creative process and patronize a clear understanding / relationship between director and actor during rehearsals and between actors and spectators during the performance. It is hypothesized that taking into account the neurolinguistic features of the priority sensory channel of actors and spectators, their representative systems (audio,visual, kinesthetic and digital), based on which the perception and reproduction of information, will allow the director to consciously take into account individual features of the world. Anchoring (consolidating people's emotions to then evoke them again at the right moment) of emotions will help the director and the actor to achieve the desired emotional state of the hero faster. The perfect use of linguistic means in the creative interaction of the actor and the spectator and the director and the actor will contribute to the direct influence on the consciousness of the objects of creativity.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: neurolinguistic programming (NLP); actor; viewer; director; priority sensory channel of listeners; representative systems: audio, visual, kinesthetic, digital; anchoring; report; reframing
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