Work program of the discipline "Pedagogy: Inclusive Education"

Найда, Юлія Михайлівна and Софій, Наталія Зіновіївна (2022) Work program of the discipline "Pedagogy: Inclusive Education" [Teaching Resource]

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Purpose: to promote mastering the basics of scientifically and methodologically sound approaches to building an inclusive process based on domestic and international experience; mastering the content of modern effective approaches and technologies to overcome the limitations of participation of students with special educational needs in the educational process. Task: According to the educational-professional program 035.01.01 Ukrainian language and literature for the first (bachelor's) level of higher education. - to form general competencies: LC1. The ability to exercise their rights and responsibilities as a member of society, to realize the values ​​of civil (free democratic) society and the need for its sustainable development, the rule of law, human and civil rights and freedoms in Ukraine. ZK3. Ability to communicate in the state language both orally and in writing. ZK4. The ability to be critical and self-critical. ZK5. Ability to learn and master modern knowledge. ZK6. Ability to search, process and analyze information from various sources. ZK7. Ability to identify, pose and solve problems. ZK8. Ability to work in a team and independently. ЗК11. Ability to apply knowledge in practical situations. ЗК12. Skills in the use of information and communication technologies. - to form professional competencies: FC2. Ability to use in professional activities knowledge about language as a special sign system, its nature, functions, levels. FC6.Ability to freely, flexibly and effectively use the language (s) being studied, orally and in writing, in different genres and styles and registers of communication (formal, informal, neutral), to solve communicative tasks in various spheres of life . FC11. Ability to provide advice on compliance with the norms of literary language and speech culture. FC12. Ability to organize business communication FC17. Applied Competences: Information and Communication Competence: Awareness of modern technologies and software for working on the Internet, with translation memory banks, corpora, electronic dictionaries and databases. FC18. Methodical and psychological-pedagogical competence: knowledge of the laws of personality development, the formation of mental processes of memory, thinking, imagination, feelings and mental foundations of language learning. FC19. Linguistic and applied competence includes: possession of linguodidactic skills, methodological techniques and organizational technologies necessary for effective work in educational institutions). - to ensure the acquisition of practical skills in the formation of inclusive competencies. 3. Program learning outcomes PRN2. Work effectively with information: select the necessary information from various sources, including professional literature and electronic databases, critically analyze and interpret it, organize, classify and systematize. PRN3. Organize the process of their learning and self-education PRN5. Collaborate with colleagues, representatives of other cultures and religions, supporters of different political views, etc. PRN6.Use information and communication technologies to solve complex specialized tasks and problems of professional activity. PRN11. Know the principles, technologies and techniques of creating oral and written texts of various genres and styles in state and foreign (foreign) languages

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Uncontrolled Keywords: children with special needs; integration; educational integration; social integration; inclusion; inclusive education; inclusive education
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