Features of using Internet Marketing tools in Fitness Industry

Білецька, Вікторія Вікторівна and Магомедов, Роман Сайфуллайович (2023) Features of using Internet Marketing tools in Fitness Industry Спортивна наука та здоров'я людини: наукове електронне періодичне видання (2(10)). pp. 142-253. ISSN 2664-2069

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Introduction. The article examines the peculiarities of Internet marketing as an effective and modern way of attracting customers and developing a sports brand, which should be used alongside traditional advertising and PR tools. The purpose of the work is to determine the features of using Internet marketing tools in the fitness industry. Material and methods: analysis (study of the concept of Internet marketing, advantages and disadvantages); synthesis (establishing general rules of promotion on the Internet for the fitness industry, building conclusions in the work); comparison (identification of similarities and differences in Internet promotion of fitness clubs of different levels). Results. In the course of the research, it was determined that for fitness clubs of various classes, internet marketing is a good alternative to traditional advertising channels such as: television, radio and outdoor advertising. Network fitness centers with the help of Internet marketing can consolidate their status in the market, increase sales and keep in constant contact with customers. Instead, local fitness studios through Internet marketing, and especially through SMM, are able to form their own image and find "their" "niche" audience. In the field of fitness and sports, the following platforms are most popular: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube and TikTok. According to the research results, the main tools of Internet marketing are: SMM, SEO optimization, contextual advertising, banner advertising, E-mail marketing, SMS marketing and blogging. In the course of a comparative analysis of the use of SMM and Internet marketing tools by network and local fitness clubs (on the example of "Sport Life" and "Fitness by Grek"), it was established that SMM marketing is effectively used in both cases, although the promotion strategies have certain differences, which are caused by financial capabilities and the breadth of the client base. In addition, the method of presenting information is also different. In a network fitness club, the material is moredry and advertising, on the other hand, in a local fitness studio, the publications are more diverse and interesting, they attract readers to more active interaction. Conclusions. During the research of the strategy of these clubs, it was established that "Sport Life" uses a full range of Internet marketing services, even SMS marketing, with the aim of attracting as many customers as possible. And "Fitness by Grek", although it uses some types other than SMM, it does so in order to establish a stable connection and form a friendly relationship between customers and the company

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Uncontrolled Keywords: physical culture and sports; fitness and recreation; fitness clubs; fitness industry; Internet marketing; management and marketing in fitness; management of fitness clubs
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