Poetic Parameters of the Polylogue of Ukrainian Lyrics of Late Modernism With the Antique Heritage

Гальчук, Оксана Василівна (2014) Poetic Parameters of the Polylogue of Ukrainian Lyrics of Late Modernism With the Antique Heritage National literatures and the Process of Cultural Globalization (II). pp. 317-330. ISSN ISSN 1987 - 5363

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A polylogue with the antique heritage is a prominent feature of Ukrainian lyrics of late modernism. It is realized through symbolistic, neoclassical and neoromantic models of artistic transformation. The specifics of symbolistic model were determined in research of P. Tychyna and D. Zagul’s works with implicit and explicit antiquity. The motives connected with ideas of cosmism and kalokagathia are domineering. Demythologisation and myth creation tendencies are clearly manifested in works with Prometheus mytheme by P. Tychyna. The neoclassical interpretation is presented by two variants: “Kyiv” neoclassics with aesthetic dominant; and “Prague”, represented by E. Malaniuk lyrics with historiosophical dominant. The complexity of the dialogical model of neoromantic poetry (O. Vlyzko, M. Bajan, E. Pluzhnyk) is caused by noticeable influence of the avant-garde aesthetics and poetics on the one hand, and emerging canon of socialistic realism, on the other. The neoromantic model is characterized by the paradigm of heroic type characters; but also by a distinct inclination for demythologization of precedent images and motives, their “turning inside out”, parody, ironic comprehension.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Ukrainian poetry; antique text; transformation; polylogue; modernism
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